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What are focus groups?

-         Focus Groups are round table group discussions used to gather information from consumers about their viewpoints, feelings or reactions to advertisement, products, etc.  Focus Groups are held throughout the country.  Most groups are sponsored by an advertising agency to help create and develop advertising campaigns.  Businesses also use focus groups to help better understand their customers in order to create and produce better products and services.  Everything said in a focus group is kept strictly confidential and will never be used for anything other than the research that is being conducted.





Will my information be sold or distributed to any third parties?

-         Your name, address, phone number, personal information or individual responses will never be disclosed to anyone outside the research industry without your permission.

             To see our "Respondent Bill of Rights" please click here




Who is Advanced Opinions? 

-         Advanced Opinions is a market research company that recruits individuals to participate in focus groups and other types of paid research.  Participants in focus groups are compensated for attending and sharing their opinions with honorariums ranging from $40 - $250+.  Honorariums are set depending on the nature of the study and respondents are paid for their opinions at the time of the focus group.  Groups normally last 2 hours. 





Will I get paid for participating?

-         Yes.  Compensation ranges depending on the nature of the study but usually ranges between $40 and $250.








How do I change my last name, first name, birthrate, or gender? 

-         To change any of this information please call Advanced Opinions at (516) 208-8447.   Tell the representative what information has changed and that the site did not allow you to make this edit. 





Does it benefit me to put in more information about myself?  

-         Yes.  The more information you provide the more calls and email you will receive about upcoming studies.  





I requested my password but never received an email? 

-         Please check your spam and/or junk email folder.  Sometimes this emails is mistakenly flagged as junk.





None of the choices fits me in one of the questions, what’s the deal with that? 

-         Please email and let us know what is missing.  In the interim please put in the closes value and you can update your registration at a later time.  We can usually have the choices update within a few hours.





I left my computer for a moment and the site is now frozen?

-         This is a measure for your security.  The site is set to timeout after being idle for a few minutes.  You will need to close the browser completely to login using the email address and again.





Why can’t I get to the website?

- Try closing your browser completely, including all tabs in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox, and re-opening.  The website locks down complete after a few second for the security of your information.





My problem is not listed?   

-         You can always email us with any problems at  Email will get you the best answer to your question.  However, you may always call us at (516) 208-8447.




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